"Why us?"


Innovative ideas and solution

Top talented creative and business development team in the industry with strong passion to bring “Innovative ideas”

Strong investment in training and development for creative, brand management, trade marketing, activation, etc…


Project management and execution

More than 10 experienced project supervisors and over 1,000 long-term promoters nationwide

Concrete system & process to facilitate smooth effective operations

Independent QC team to improve project’s efficiency and effectiveness


Nationwide network

Powerful and complete network system of execution offices to cover almost every corner in Vietnam.

Experiences from various industries, the teams are able to drive the client's businesses in the ever-changing market

Strong relationship with Government and local authority & Partnership with Youth Union, Women Association


Production sourcing and logistics

In house production is help to control cost of production, quality and timing

Our own warehouses in more than 6 cities to handle different logistics ways to deliver the goods (POSM) to the retailers or destination.


Retail and trade information technology

A business intelligent tool “Advance System” that is use in Retail and Trade to provide "actionable information" in real time.

The Market Intelligence unit has developed a series of innovative technologies to help provide retail and trade information.



Steadily revenue and profit growth during the last 3 years

Strategic partnership with 100 year history company ITP Group